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Disco / Funk / Boogie

Avec l'album Loving Life, Sofiane Pamart et Dabeull nous offrent un projet cinématographique qui s'écoute sans fin. On retrouve notamment Holybrune, Ichon et Kunta.
The Whatnauts emerged from Baltimore in the late 60's and were produced by George Kerr and Michael Watson, this 8-song original LP has become a classic 70s soul album, mixing ballads and groovy tracks.
A stylish selection of city pop, funk and modern soul from Japanese label Nippon Columbia, selected by DJ Notoya and featuring cult classics and rarities by Hiroshi Sato, Hatsumi Shibata, Hitomi 'Penny' Tohyama & many more.Annotated by Notoya with journalist Nick Luscombe and artwork by Optigram.Newly remastered audio.The selection on ‘Tokyo Glow’ starts with 'Kimugare' a relaxed mid-tempo track by Kumi Nakamura, actually a famous actress who only recorded one album in 1980 for Columbia.The set continues and flows effortlessly with the sunshine grooves of Miyuki Maki, Hatsumi Shibata and cult keyboard player Hiroshi Sato before the pace starts going faster and funkier with New Generation Company, Kengo Kurozumi - with his superb boogie, 'Juggler'- and one of the queens of the genre, Hitomi 'Penny' Tohyama with 'Tuxedo Connection'.Another fine example on the set is the mid-tempo groove of "I Wander All Alone Part III" by New Generation Company, an aggregate group of some of the best Japanese session musicians led by arranger Katz Hoshi and including Hiroyuki Namba (key), Kazuo Shiina (gtr) and Yutaka Uehara (ds) who all played with Tatsuro Yamashita among many others.There are many other excellent examples in 'Tokyo Glow', showcasing the diversity and specificity of Japanese City Pop during the late 70s and 80s.Nippon Columbia opened their much-guarded vaults to curator DJ Natoya. Tracks were remastered in Tokyo and the result, ‘Tokyo Glow’, is a unique insight into a most creative period in Japanese music.
Happy to see the 'Doing It In Lagos' compilation from 2016 on Soundway being repressed. It's one of the few comps out there that put together so many amazing boogie tracks hailing from Nigeria. Nowadays it's really tough to find good condition copies of the original records, and if you do it will cost you a lot of cash too. This 3 LP with 7 inch bonus takes ((arguably) the standout tracks from the LP's and to create this 20 track opus. It's safe to say that it has a great bang for buck ratio if you like that infectious boogie sound infused with catchy synths, bumpin' basslines and often killer drumcomputer programming.If you are new to these sounds it's a perfect intro into the works by these very talented musicians that had a high output during the end of 70's and 80's, we encourage you to dive deeper into material from the hands of for example Jake Sollo, Dizzy K. Falola, Tony Okoroji, Odion Iruoje, Nkono Teles. You will find many more names along the way..Compliments for Uchenna Ikonne who co-compiled this and accompanied the release with liner notes.
Welcome return for this very sought-after rare electro 12' from tiny Harlem label Express Records. Big with the Cosmic crowd as well as on the early hiphop scene, this is an extremely cool low-slung synth-heavy electro groover with a hypnotically smooth lead vocal, given a sharp percussive edge by the rattling congas and ticky-time chorus. Written at a time in rap music history when the introduction of synthesizer technology created a wild flurry of creativity, this futuristic track by Barry Michael Cooper (who went on to write the screenplays for movies New Jack City and Above The Rim) was Teletron's only ever release. Film's gain was sadly music's loss as this was, and still is, a boundary-pushing, floor-filling monster. Don't sleep!
✺ Killer and cult shamisen electro funk from 1985 Japan!✺ Minoru "Hoodoo" Fushimi's impossible to find first album finally reissued for the first time ever.✺ Sound restoration, mastering and lacquer cut by Timmion Cutting Lab.✺ 180g heavy vinyl pressing, reverse board print.✺ Comes with a 4 pages insert including the original hand-written insert/comic by Minoru Fushimi, with English translations.Minoru “Hoodoo” Fushimi’s most wanted and impossible to find first album Thanatos Of Funk is finally reissued for the first time ever, in collaboration with Fushimi himself.Thanatos Of Funk is a milestone in Japan's underground music and electro funk/early hip hop history. Entirely self-produced, designed and distributed in 1985 by Fushimi, a high-school teacher by day and music experimenter by night, Thanatos Of Funk is a love-letter to counter-culture, DIY, drum machines and synthesizers blent with some killer shamisen and guitar playing. This is truly unique music.The LP, re-mastered and cut at the Timmion Cutting Lab, comes with the original hand-written comic by Fushimi, with English... afficher plus
Active as a professional DJ in Japan since the late eighties, DJ Yoshizawa Dynamite is also a renowned remixer, compiler and producer. An avid record collector and an expert of the Wamono style, Yoshizawa published the Wamono A to Z records guide book in 2015 which instantly sold-out. The book unveiled a myriad of beautiful and rare records from a highly prolific, but still then unknown, Japanese groove scene. After many years working as a record buyer for several stores, DJ Chintam opened his own Blow Up shop in 2018 in Tokyo's Shibuya district. A member of the Dayjam Crew and a specialist of soul, funk, rare groove and disco music, Chintam is also an expert of the home-brewed Wamono grooves. He supervised and wrote the Wamono A to Z records guide book together with Yoshizawa. For this third chapter of the acclaimed Wamono series, Yoshizawa and Chintam unheart some of the best and rarest light mellow funk tunes and disco boogie bangers produced in Japan between 1978 and 1988. Put the needle on the record, turn up the volume and dig right now into the Wamono sound - the cream of the Japanese jazz, funk, soul, rare groove and disco music developed throughout the years since the end of the sixties in Japan!
Space Ghost from Oakland California.FREE 2 B is a detour between Space Ghost’s albums ‘Endless Light’ (2018) and ‘Aquarium Nightclub’ (2019). With Apron in mind and a bit of new found creative freedom, producing this album allowed Ghost to explore a different side to his influences. Shimmering House and glossy R&B sounds collide on this collection of 9 vibes. It feels good when you’re free 2 b yourself.Produced and Mixed by Sudi Wachspress Lyrics and vocals on “I’ll Be Yours,” by G’laAll tracks recorded in East Oakland, CA 2018 - 2019 “Thanks for listening!” -SG
Another Boogie-Funk records repress for the 1st time. Recorded in Lagos, Nigeria in 1982. Features the great Nkono Teles on clavinet and electric piano and Jojo Kuo, drummer who played with Manu Dibango and Fela Kuti among others.
✺ One of the most popular TSG Records✺ Japanese OBI-strip✺ Limited pressing"In another highly anticipated reissue from the vaults of the legendary 70s label TSG, P-VINE will be reissuing Reality’s unknown classic Disco Party on its RARE GROOVE imprint. Almost nothing is known about the band apart from their association with TSG, and the label’s divine touch that picked out the best unknown musicians from New York’s bustling funk and soul scene. This reissue is no exception and is packed with funk and disco jams that surely excite RARE GROOVE fans and delight those recently enjoying the reissues of Tomorrow’s People. The rapturous opener “Reality” gets the party underway with an extended groove-ridden jam, rich with domineering organs and slick funk guitars. The high-pace energy of the track bursts through and rushes the next. On tracks like “Movin & Groovin” where they calm the dynamics, they do so at no cost to the onwards movement and progression, a trait the album shares with the motorik drum-beat of krautrock records. From start to finish this is one album that doesn’t let up its commitment to party spirit.
Recorded at Omega studios in Maryland, the album marked a transition forthe band with lead vocalist Jackie Eka-Ete recording her last sessions with Plunky and Virtania Tillery taking over lead vocal duties. “‘Make A Change’was always designed as a slightly more commercial entry in ourdiscography,” says Plunky. “We approached the sessions in the same waythat we had approached all of our music since the early ‘70s. We playedextended jams because we would always find something within thoseexplorations. The songs had enough organic qualities to be consideredR&B and enough rhythm to be Afro funk.”After catching fire in Washington DC clubs through local record pools, thedancefloor favourite ‘Every Way But Loose’ famously became an anthemfor Larry Levan at New York’s Paradise Garage, kick-starting internationalsuccess for the track. Other album cuts like funk workout ‘Higher’ and thewistful stepper ‘Always Have To Say Goodbye’ have remained staplesamong soulful DJs worldwide. “The songs and lyrics on this album havecome back around full circle,” continues Plunky. “With songs like ‘(Family Tree) Make A Change’ and ‘Every Way But Loose’, we don’t have tochange one word for them to be relevant all these years later. The positivemessages are universal and timeless.”This definitive edition of ‘Make A Change’ features the full original albumalongside five previously unheard studio takes, all remastered by TheCarvery from the original tapes. Bonus tracks include extended studioversions of ‘Every Way But Loose’ and ‘Always Have To Say Goodbye’and a previously unheard version of ‘Time’. Package features brand newliner notes by bandleader Plunky Branch.
Heavy South African cut, unearthed by Dene from LCT, All about the massive title track ''Got My Magic Working''...The origins of Amajika is a tale of two worlds colliding at the perfect moment and begin in KwaMushu Township outside Durban. Here would be where a young Tu Nokwe would set up a school to help teach other aspiring youngsters like herself in music, dance and acting. This would become known as the Amajika Youth and Children’s Art Project and would be run from the Nokwe home, a common hangout for artists at the time. Some boast 2000+ pupils going through this program while others claim it wasn’t more than a backyard dance group, but for the lucky group of kids that were members in the mid 80s it would be their chance at stardom. It was during these years that a young aspiring playwright and musician Mbongeni Ngema had come across Tu and her group of gifted youngsters at the Nokwe family home. Although he was touring extensively at the time with the plays Woza Albert and Asinamali, the latter which eventually ended up on broadway, he would spend any time off from the tour with Tu and her dance troop. After being inspired by the American group New Edition, Mbongeni envisioned Amajika as the South African answer and decided to bankroll a studio session. The session would take place in a private studio in Durban.The release of the first single would follow very shortly. The lead track, Tomati-So is a fun swinging groove over some basic programmed drums. The song is dedicated to Tu Nokwe sings of her unique style and kind heart. On his next tour Mbongeni would take the remaining masters with him to the US and had the track remixed. Although it never materialized in a release States side he did return with the remixed tape and release it in South Africa the following year. Much like Tomato So the song was an ode and would be dedicated to the man who was making all their dreams come true. Got My Magic Working sings of going overseas and being a star on Broadway and TV and the man who is making it all happen. All these true predictions are sung on top of a groovy acid bass by a clearly matured troop of artists. During these years of working with Amajika, Mbongeni became very impressed with the exceeding talent of one of the members and decided to cast her in his upcoming musical Sarafina. The other children also wanted to be a part of the Broadway show but not everyone would get a role. This would be the end of Amajika as the next years would be dedicated to creating success on the musical stage. The growing kids that formed Amajika became young adults and pursued their own careers after the fact. Tu Nokwe would leave the country to return years later as the wife of Shaka Zulu on the big screen. To this day she is still very active both on stage and screen while Mbongeni is still writing and adding to the South African Musical Theatre catalog.Fast forward 30 years from the original release to a smokey club where ESA hears Got My Magic Working played by Rush Hours Store’s own Bonnefooi. Instantly he inquires about the track from his homeland and feels it a perfect addition the repertoire of the Afro Synth band he is quietly cooking up. The band’s instrumental take ended up as the B side on a mysterious and limited white label released by Rush Hour in early 2020 but quickly sold out. Here you have compiled the two title tracks from original Amajika singles along with the instrumental version by ESA’s Afro Synth Band for The complete Amajika experience, past to present.
Highly sought after S.A. LP from 1985 - diggers delight.E & S Brothers’ 1985 album Taduma holds a unique yet overlooked place in the history of South African dance music. When Shadrack Ndlovu and Ernest Segeel teamed up with Dane Stevenson, owner of Blue Tree Studio in downtown Johannesburg, and journeyman producer Taso Stephanou, South Africa’s bubblegum era had just begun, spurred on by the success of Shangaan disco. The relative success of their debut 12” ‘Don’t Bang The Taxi Door’, marketed aggressively at taxi ranks throughout the country, helped put the Blue Tree label on the map and E & S were invited back to record a full album: Taduma, featuring on keyboards Dr Buke, an in-demand session player from Soweto.Rooted in Africa, yet purely electronic, Taduma was a moderate hit, spurred by tracks like ‘Taxi Door’ and ‘Mhane’, its hypnotic refrain ‘Mhane, famba na wena’ meaning ‘Mother, I am going to you’. Other tracks like ‘Mapantsula’ and ‘Be Careful’ place Taduma within the street-savvy ‘pantsula’ style and dance synonymous with consecutive waves of music from disco to kwaito, house and beyond, while ‘Sikele Masike’ repurposes a traditional Shangaan work song. Vocally E & S are closer to rapping than singing, in a combination of English and vernacular – predating other credited pioneers of kwaito in SA like Senyaka and Spokes H. Driving the music instead of vocals are waves of searing synths over rudimentary but explosive drum machine sounds – the word ‘Taduma’ meaning the sound of the drum.Remastered from the original tapes and reissued for the first time, Taduma will be available on vinyl and digital platforms from early 2022 via Afrosynth Records.
You know the drill, strictly multis remixes from the original tapes, combining creativity and functionality for maximum dance floor impact.DJ Support :Gilles Peterson / Glitterbox / Mousse T / François K / Danny Krivit / Skream / James Lavelle
The second release on Canopy Records lifts off from where the last release touched down, inspired by the vintage Edo-funk and reggae-disco of General Ehi Duncan’s “Africa My No. 01”.Colombian based producer bosq re-joins long-time collaborator and vocalist, Kaleta, while also bringing in Ibibio Sound Machine who add their horn section & keys, followed by guitar, balafon and timbales, to deliver a special afro-funk-reggae-disco vibe.Loose and jammy, earthy and organic rhythms that bring a positive message and echo sun-kissed tropical lands. Light electronics complement the instruments, percussion and warm organic production.An Afro-funk electronic disco groove, vocal & percussive, with reggae-highlife touches and instrumental flourishes. Explosive horn arrangements go head to head with timbale breakdowns all transcended by soaring trumpet solos….Summery balafon melodies bounce among the joyous fretwork of Alfred “Kari” Bannerman's guitar, while Kaleta’s vocals sing a timeless message of peace.
After releasing the DLP compilation “Head Games: The Story Of Larry Akles and CBM Music”, we had to reissue this legendary 7” from the Chocolate Buttermilk Band. “Can’t Let Go” is one of the most sought after boogie joints coming out of North Carolina. Reissued for the first time courtesy of Chocolate Buttermilk Band and Past Due Records!Hugo Rabier (Bagadou) · Chocolate Buttermilk Band - Can't Let GoJoyan · Chocolate Buttermilk Band ‎- Ain't No Way (CBM Records) (19XX)
Edition Hawara re-issue of a very rare and sought after Austrian jazz / AOR / funk / pop album 'Straight Ahead' by Zenit from 1986. Includes the awesome track 'Waitin’ featuring Linda Sharrock on vocals.
The Balek Band and Abstrack Records's first album, Médecines, is the product of a magma of influences, the emanation of large decade of music infused lives.The emotional tessitura is wide: the dark meadows of “The Balek Bad” reach us through like a mantra from the end of a dark tunnel, while just three track earlier it was a caribbean Zouk euphoria which ruled the world. Inbetween, it’s a wide spectrum of hybrid epiphanies : "Hagen & Again" is a progressive Dub jewel, even Krauty to an extent, where the instruments play the lead role. "Cosmic Barry" is across the Channel : thick and broken club music, sweating with subs, yet always disputing it to the Funk accent of the the keys and the slap bass.This list of geographical and stylistic hybridations simplys goes on, and it’s the 54 minutes of the album that put an end to it. But beyond the never-ending list, this first album is alive: its gets us breathing the therapeutical air which fills the world of its creators.
"Introducing The Brief Encounter" Reissue on limited Smoky Mountain Vinyl, includes a.o. the following tracks: “The Brief Encounter (introduction)”, “Smile”, “Get A Good Feeling”, “We're Gonna Have A Good Time” and more.
33 years after it’s first release Rick Clarke’s street soul simmerdown on Local Records, ‘Love With A Stranger’, gets a much welcomed official reissue, lovingly remastered from the original tapes.Just peep that OG artwork to get a taste of how this one’s about to go down. Written and produced by John Collins, known for producing The Specials - ‘Ghost Town’, ‘Love With A Stranger’ perfectly encapsulates that '80s street soul sound. Distinctly soulful, synthy slow jams, heavy on the bass with a touch of the low-slung, lovers rock vibrations about them. Rick Clarke’s sultry sweet nothings weave their way irresistibly through this five minute gem, but for those that want to provide their own rendition over the top, the dub has been affectionately cut to the flip.Top tier tackle – reissued to serenade red dressed souls the world over once more.
Next up on Reflex's Discolidays label is a two track fully licensed from Cerrone himself via Malligator / Because Music! Featuring the first ever multitrack remix of the classic ‘Look For Love’ b/w a repress of ‘Hooked On You’ revision (#1 Cerrone remix on Spotify) previously out on a super limited RSD release way back in 2015.
In 1982, a group of friends deep into post-punk, jazz and dub got together in Mad Professor's studio and lay down their youthful interpretation of a NYC disco cut. Their unique take included trombone, vibraphone, piano, and an ital dose of tape delay. They called the song Trouble and released two versions (vocal and dub) on their friend Tony McDermott's !Drum! label with artwork inspired by Russian Constructivism. TIP!The group, comprised of Justin Langlands, Chrysta Jones, John Schofield, Tom Dixon, and Dave Killen, decided to call themselves A-Team, having no idea that Mr.T and Co. would make them almost totally ungoogle-able 30 years later. The result of their adolescent studio idealism sounds akin to otherdisco misfits like Arthur Russell, Maximum Joy, Talking Drums and wouldn't sound out of place on legendary NYC label 99 Records. Remastered with an extended Club Dub formaximum dance-floor action.
This is the new French Funk with various artists( French and International). Various Artists from Various Labels of Funk ( Funkysize, Diggy Down records, R.S.J recordz, Boogie Foxx records and Tapes, Throwbakk Muzikk) in only one Funk production for the first time.
Two popular titles of Toyama “PENNY” Hitomi, who are attracting a lot of attention in 80’s Japanese products, will be re-pressed!The 4th “NEXT DOOR” released in 1983 was strongly influenced by American pop in the early ’80s.A city pop album that pierces the urban atmosphere throughout.
Eddie Roberts returned to his roots on his side project THE FIRE EATERS releasing a stream of thoughtfully reworked soul jazz covers, and P-VINE is excited to be bringing two fan-favourites to 7" vinyl format. The A side is a real treat for rare groove fans with an instrumental cover of the original powerhouse single "I Believe in Miracles" by Mark Capanni. The cover of legendary Jazz keyboardest Eddie Russ is as danceable as it is elegant with its groovy mid-tempo arrangements.
About The Word Collected WorksThe Word is one of the better-kept secrets of 1980s Austrian disco music. Yet once you put the needle on this record, you notice that it sounds oddly familiar. The awe-inspiring signature piece “Lobster” has the same analogue, slow-moving aesthetic as Zenit’s timeless “Waiting” that was featured on Edition Hawara’s first release. The same goes for the three other wonderfully unconventional, proto-electronic songs: “Easy”, “All my life” and the eponymous “the word”. And there are even more commonalities with Zenit’s LP: The vocals are Linda Sharrock’s, who here teamed up with Karl “Charly” Ratzer and Peter Ponger, the twin brother of legendary Falco producer Robert Ponger. The result of this collaboration is, well, also quite legendary. How this kind of sound emerged in Vienna in 1984 is still a bit of a mystery, but clearly all the stars were aligned when Sharrock, Ratzer and Ponger were jamming in the studio. We at Edition Hawara are very proud to share this secret with you. Just as there are very few lobsters in landlocked Vienna, there are very few records like this