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Lyon Friends

B boys, B girls, after two decades of dark and futuristic electronic music production, I wanted to release a warmer flavored LP about my early influences and american roots. This record called "The Yellow Tapes", fully dedicated to New York City is sending you back to the 90's and to former Hip Hop, inspired by Soul, Jazz, Funk and even Dub. Featuring 28 instrumental "Short Stories", this double LP has an authentic abstract and funky taste. Recorded between 1999 and 2015 with hardware samplers, valve processors and vintage synths for a classic fat analog sound. Samples are mostly custom made, often from real instruments I've played, like fretless bass and keyboards. You will not find hype stuff here, just my soul.Check it out!
Third release for the Lyon based imprint, this time they invite german duo Das Carma. They also welcome Frag Maddin on remix duty.
Modular Machine Records · AC_02 (AC RECORDS) / DB 24 - Urban Works EP
Modular Machine Records · AC_03 (AC RECORDS) / DB 24 - Urban Works 2 EP
French dynamo LB aka Labat returns for his second EP on Steel City Dance Discs. The Lyon-based artist delivers another collection of eclectic productions, displaying his trademark ability to source and integrate individuality and soul.Skincare’s title track of the same name is a pure house throwback featuring labat’s trademark punchy 808’s, swirling synths and hypnotic vocal line guaranteed to have you moving on any dancefloor.
Hard Fist is excited to dive into Balam's universe on the occasion of his 9th release.We discovered his work a few years ago and immediately became addicted to his unique sound. He’s got this very distinctive style that is recognizable among thousand of other producers.After some apparences on our imprint, contributing to our RePhrase Collection series and our recent compilation "La Danse", it is now the time to give Balam a proper space to express his huge talent."Chants of Pachamama" is the first part of two releases promised on Hard Fist records. Constructed like a tribute to latin rhythms and percussion, which are central in Balam's works, this first EP is a mix of influences coming from acid house to electronica, passing by many traditional and ancestral amazonian music roots.In addition to those 4 originals, we are happy to welcome the Mexico-based producer Bufi, also well-known under his other alias Theus Mago, for a dark and melodic remix which sign the first collaboration of the two latin artists.
Welcome to the Phantom Train, 12 ghostly experimental tracks for your lost soul.Those tracks were composed and recorded many years before the Cityscape double LP, but the project was finished in 2013 and released as a collector vinyl LP with special Black Print on 300g Kraftpak cover with poly lined black offset antistatic inner sleeve.The music is a bit different, even darker and mysterious. Heavy Hip Hop custom drum kits made with old school samplers combined with heavy analog synths again, with another type of sound.
Electronic Hip Hop / Dub / Modular album by MattaMass (Steve Romani) & Jeabzz (Jean-Baptiste Saint-Pol).