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Make A Change
Make A ChangeMake A ChangeMake A Change






2x Vinyl LP Album Reissue



Release date

May 14, 2021

Recorded at Omega studios in Maryland, the album marked a transition forthe band with lead vocalist Jackie Eka-Ete recording her last sessions with

Recorded at Omega studios in Maryland, the album marked a transition forthe band with lead vocalist Jackie Eka-Ete recording her last sessions with Plunky and Virtania Tillery taking over lead vocal duties. “‘Make A Change’was always designed as a slightly more commercial entry in ourdiscography,” says Plunky. “We approached the sessions in the same waythat we had approached all of our music since the early ‘70s. We playedextended jams because we would always find something within thoseexplorations. The songs had enough organic qualities to be consideredR&B and enough rhythm to be Afro funk.”
After catching fire in Washington DC clubs through local record pools, thedancefloor favourite ‘Every Way But Loose’ famously became an anthemfor Larry Levan at New York’s Paradise Garage, kick-starting internationalsuccess for the track. Other album cuts like funk workout ‘Higher’ and thewistful stepper ‘Always Have To Say Goodbye’ have remained staplesamong soulful DJs worldwide. “The songs and lyrics on this album havecome back around full circle,” continues Plunky. “With songs like ‘(Family Tree) Make A Change’ and ‘Every Way But Loose’, we don’t have tochange one word for them to be relevant all these years later. The positivemessages are universal and timeless.”
This definitive edition of ‘Make A Change’ features the full original albumalongside five previously unheard studio takes, all remastered by TheCarvery from the original tapes. Bonus tracks include extended studioversions of ‘Every Way But Loose’ and ‘Always Have To Say Goodbye’and a previously unheard version of ‘Time’. Package features brand newliner notes by bandleader Plunky Branch.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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(Family Tree) Make a Change



Run Away Bay



Love's Wonderland



Every Way But Loose






Always Have to Say Goodbye



Every Way But Loose (Extended Studio Version)



Run Away Bay (Extended Studio Version)



Plastic (Previously Unreleased Version)



Time (Extended Studio Version)



Always Have to Say Goodbye (Extended Studio Version)


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