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Radio Band
Radio Rap

Radio Rap
Radio RapRadio RapRadio RapRadio Rap


AR001 AR 001


1x Vinyl 12" 33 ⅓ RPM Limited Edition Numbered Reissue



Release date

Jan 19, 2015

Media: VG+i
Sleeve: NM or M-


Sold out

*Taxes included, shipping price excluded

VG+ / NM.


Radio Rap (Vocal)



Radio Rap (Instrumental)


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2023 Repress!!Safe Trip is taking one final deep dive into the warm waters of Italian dream house with Welcome To Paradise Volume 3, the concluding chapter in the label’s journey through the previously overlooked world of one of dance music’s most vibrant and influential underground movements. While the influence of dream house continues to echo through the ages, the style was at its peak between 1989 and ’94, when producers across Italy delivered a high volume of loved-up, wavy and occasionally blissful productions that fused contemporary deep house tropes – most notably from Chicago, New York and New Jersey – with elements borrowed from ambient, jazz and Balearica. It’s this six-year period that provides the focus for Welcome To Paradise Volume 3, which draws together a spine-tingling mixture of sought-after classics, unheralded gems and little-known delights from the original Italian dream house movement. Thrillingly, Welcome to Paradise Volume 3 co-curator Young Marco has managed to source two previously unreleased tracks during the dream house period: the gently unfurling, sunrise-friendly bliss of Jacy’s “Resounding Seashell” and a special “Longer Edit” of Neurostate’s brilliant “Dance To The House”, a track that – somewhat surprisingly – has never previously been issued on vinyl before. Elsewhere, there are plenty of treats to set the pulse racing, from the must-have deep house brilliance of Leo Anibaldi’s “Universe” – a rare foray into dream house territory from the Italian techno pioneer – and the Afro-bleep-goes-dream-house trip of Golem’s “Sun City”, to the cowbell-driven, New Jersey garage-influenced warmth of Deep Choice’s “Children Trip” and Cosmic Galaxy’s “Walkin’ On The Moon”, a Detroit techno-influenced outing with a deliciously saucer-eyed, extended ambient intro. You’ll also struggle to find a more inspired house record than Green Baize’s “Tramp Heart”, which mixes familiar dream house elements with spacey electronics and tribal chants that recall Italy’s early ‘80s Afro-cosmic scene. It all adds up to another essential selection of rich, glassy-eyed dream house treats tailor-made for sound-tracking drawn-out Adriatic sunsets, Mediterranean sunrises and loved-up parties the world over.
R.A.N.D. Muzik Recordings presents, The Future WasVisible... a brief introduction to the music of 90’s SanFranciscan label, Visible Records with a paritcular focus onthe productions of label co-owner, Seofon feautring reissuedmaterial along with material previously unreleased on vinyl
Alleviated Records presents the re-issue of the "LooseFingers" EP and to introduce [or re-introduce for some] the original name that Larry recorded under before it was modified to Mr. Fingers in 1985.This EP contains 3 great selections. First the romantic and soothing mid-tempo "Glancing At the Moon." If you enjoyed selections like "What About This Love" or "Children at Play" from Larry, this will most likely be to your liking. Next up, "Lamentation" a more experimental and tracky kind of tune that should provide an enjoyable experience for DJ's and people who like harder dance flavors. The "B" side gives us "Deep Inside." Larry's mellow vocals are featured along with Atlanta talent, Justin Chapman from KemeticJust on guitar. If you enjoy quality soulful deep-house music with jazzy influences, you will most likely want to add this EP to your collection of Larry Heard r eleases.