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Bamboo Valley

Bamboo Valley
Bamboo ValleyBamboo Valley




CCR 010 CCR 010 CCR 010


1x Vinyl 12" 33 ⅓ RPM Reissue



Release date

Jan 1, 2023

"CCR - Club Culture Rarities" the record label exclusively dedicated to re-prints of cult and rare 12” taken form Expanded Music’s labels.

SPECIAL EDITION 12” single MARBLED GREEN vinyl 400 copies, 180 gr.

"CCR - Club Culture Rarities" the record label exclusively dedicated to re-prints of cult and rare 12” taken form Expanded Music’s labels.

The 10th release on "CCR - Club Culture Rarities" BAMBOO VALLEY originally released on DFC-Dance Floor Corporation 1993

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Bamboo Valley (Vocal Mix)



Bamboo Valley (House Dub)



Bamboo Valley (Valley Dub)


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180g vinyl, including two posters and 4 inserts with extensive liner notes by Ken Hidaka & Naohiro Ukawa (in Japanese and in English).A Solid compilation of exclusive new music on the freshly formed 'Advanced Public Listening Records', Japan.Advanced Public Listening Records is the new Japanese label established by Miho Mepo, a veteran of the Berlin music scene for the past 20 years. After recently coming back to Japan, she decided to start this new, highly conceptual label that symbolizes her unconventional musical vision, experience and network that she accrued while living in Europe. As she has stated, “This is my dedication to the musicians and music lovers everywhere. What the world needs now is pure energy and the essence of real music. Through our label, we strive to share with all, true music created out of miracles and magical moments. I have no doubt that these refined musical vibes will help us grasp the universal nature of true understanding and hopefully assist us in realizing that music has the ability to make us free.” To help launch it, Advanced Public Listening Records is proud to announce the release this compilation, "On in out""On in out" assembles an incredible array of legendary figures in the electronic music world from different genres and categories whose sonic imprints has dazzled us innumerable times. She asked each artist to create original pieces that epitomized her axiom of “no rules, no ego, no pride but pure essence of real music”. She also wanted them to produce music that “touches one's heart, shake our souls, make us feel emotions that we never knew we thought that we had deep inside.”
Like meeting an old friend again, Dalmata Daniel welcomes DJ Overdose back to their catalog. Six years ago the infamous Dutchman's '05 Poly 800 Loop' EP was released, which served as a powerful launch to Dalmata Daniel, opening the first chapter in their story. Later in 2019, a split release with Sematic4 was also a highlight in the life of the label; and now, 3 years later, DJ Overdose checks in with the 'Powers of Ten EP' with a J. Mono remix, available both in digital and vinyl format, the latter having 2 bonus tracks.The distinct, crunchy sound of DJ Overdose, bearing aspects of old school hip-hop-infused sampling and contemporary analog vibes creates the perfect blend of both worlds. 'Garden of Lust' opens up the adventure with a combo of warm basslines and solid drum-programming. This initial track feeds us these cardinal elements as the bread and butter they are: subtle variations and fine spices do appear here and there as the track goes along, but the key, beating pulse in 'Garden of Lust' brings massive hits stable as a sledgehammer in the hands of a blacksmith.'Feed The Beats' elevates the game to cinematic territories: its majestic string-like central melody makes me alert and ablaze, making me feel like I'm in a late 80s L.A. setting facing malevolent zombie-aliens in my Wayfarer shades. Blasting beats and Carpenterian coolness all over the place, while the spooky bassline just keeps sneaking up on me endlessly.If you are wondering when's the best time of the year to bring out your boombox at last, then this is your lucky day: with 'BOB', the first bonus track on the vinyl, we can experience some roarin' bassdrums, snappy snares, MCs with the speed of light and all that jazz. The low-bit sampling and vinyl scratching come and kick you right in the face so hard that it becomes pretty obvious you'll can't help but start some serious beatbox battles in your bathtub with your rubber duck.A feverish groove in the prime time of a funky bash, in the haze of a sensual rave-up: that's all one really wants when going for a Saturday night out. We definitely get this and much more from 'Room 714', another vinyl-only bonus track. A berserk voice and ethereal chords guide us through this mysterious track, but while we are busy trying to impress our crushes on the dance floor, things around us are slowly getting very, very freaky, maybe a bit way too freaky.As wobbly and jolly as it gets, our Dutch friend ends his session with 'Ðr ¡v€ M€ ¢r@z¥', a vocoder-heavy disco banger, full of merry vocal FX and smart rhythmic glitches as he completes his flight. To close the EP, our local hero, J. Mono delivers an insane remix of 'Ðr ¡v€ M€ ¢r@z¥': one can clearly imagine how he grabs and turns the BPM knob all the way up, fires up some arpeggios on his mighty synths and casts a complete reimagination of the original track.