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Bes I-DeA
Bes Ill Lounge Part 3 EP

Bes Ill Lounge Part 3 EP


Bes I-DeA




1x Vinyl 12" EP



Release date

Feb 26, 2021


Hip Hop


Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


*Taxes included, shipping price excluded




美学, こだわり


Make So Happy




SWS (Instrumental)


美学, こだわり (Instrumental)


Make So Happy (Instrumental)


表裏一体 (Instrumental)

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First collaboration between the rapper Kaba and the producer Hyas. A strong connexion of those 2 artist who are unifying their talents and visons of club music. A totally unexpected ride through Rap, UKG, Ghetto House, Breakbeat and Acid to deliver 6 dancefloor bangers.Music 4 Tesla de Kaba, Hyas
Fast-rising pianist and producer Yoni Mayraz presents his debut LP ‘Dybbuk Tse!’ revealing the story of a malicious possession that is taking over one’s body and soul.Dybbuk, known from Jewish folklore, is a malevolent wandering spirit that enters and possesses the body of a living person. It’s a cursed soul of a dead one that wanders tirelessly for sins committed during their life. The most vulnerable victims are the young and the sinful. Possession can be taken literally or as an analogy to the burden that young people carry generations back, which they have no influence on, and which they have to accept. Dybbuk can only be removed by exorcism. The titular ‘Dybbuk Tse!’ is a command to remove the spirit from the possessed body. The album is a story about possession but also about exorcism through music.Recorded live with his band in a dusty wooden studio, ‘Dybbuk Tse!’ is indeed experimenting with the ‘darker side of things’, but yet with a somewhat lighthearted approach which is so typical of Yoni’s work. He easily combines jazz with the sound of 90’s New York hip hop and raw old school breakbeat. The album interweaves unique Middle Eastern melodies, sophisticated structures and sounds, and beautifully crafted solos played by some of the promising talents on the scene.London based Israeli born pianist and producer Yoni Mayraz has set foot in the instrumental music scene with his EP ‘Rough Cuts’ released in 2020. Since then, Yoni and his band have been playing major venues and festivals around the world including the legendary Ronnie Scott’s and The Jazz Cafe, to name a few, bringing raw energy to stage with live versions of the studio materials, and stretching the melodies and structures into a Dancefloor-focused take on jazz.‘Dybbuk Tse!’ album will be released by Astigmatic Records on LP in regular and limited (B1 poster included) editions, as well as on all streaming platforms.