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Funk Fries

Funk Fries






1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Sep 15, 2023



Mofak is an artist from Marseille (France) who has been active in the world of Funk and G-Funk for many years, mastering the art of the Talk Box to perfection.

Mofak is an artist from Marseille (France) who has been active in the world of Funk and G-Funk for many years, mastering the art of the Talk Box to perfection. After collaborating with major artists such as X-zibit, Kurupt & McEight, he's back with a solo project.

His music is even more open, with not only a Funk and G-Funk sound but also a Nu-Disco flavour that brings together even more generations and audiences.

There's no doubt that fans and newcomers alike will find something to enjoy.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Cosmic Kisses (Feat Daniel David)


Groupy Love


Superfluous Feat Nic hanson)


In the Mothership


My Love


What u Want (Feat Sally Green)


Down (Feat Uncle Sean)


Monkey Wasnt Fonky (Feat Kokane)

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Libreville Records presents Totāl Cuevas, a seminal compilation album of legendary DJ Guy Cuevas's own music.Guy Cuevas is a French-Cuban writer, musician, and DJ, pioneer of the art of modern DJing.A key figure on the Paris night scene, Guy Cuevas gained a cult status as the resident DJ of the mythical nightclub Le Palace, gathering thousands of people every night under his booth, shepherding them with his music towards euphoria. He also collaborated with a great number of Fashion brands, such as Yves Saint Laurent, Kenzo, Dior, Hermès and many more.In the early 80s, Guy Cuevas released a handful of records, channeling his hedonism and natural grandeur into his sound, creating a unique music of his own.Totāl Cuevas brings together music from his three singles Ebony Game (1981), Obsession (1982), and Gallo Negro (1984), and includes previously unreleased alternate mixes.Guy Cuevas’s most iconic output, "Obsession - The Nassau Mix" (mixed by François K) gets a fresh new reboot with "Obsession - The Paris Version".Remastered from the master tapes.
The starting point of this adventure from the Madrid based label comes with the reissue of the highly demanded Cover Boys’ banger ‘Reality’, an absolute ode to one of human beings most basic instincts. Canadian producer Charles Biddle Jr. is the man behind the Cover Boys project, who arranged, wrote and sang ‘Reality’. Originally released in 1984, this anthem seamlessly captures he 80s essence with an addictive bassline and a pop-infused chorus recalling a summery euphoric atmosphere. One of those tracks that sticks to your mind while having a strong power to move your body. A2, the reggae version of the ‘Reality,’ is a refreshing cover with fantastic arrangements that flips the mood but holds the essence. The B-side contains a remix from one of Australia’s finest producers, Hysteric, that provides brings his magical touch focusing his efforts in turning the original version even more dancefloor friendly, making it a perfect tool for DJs.
Gold In The Shade’s 'Over You' is backed with 'Shining Through'. Rough, tough, straight-from-the-heart ‘90s street soul, coming courtesy of TSR bossman Robert Roper and the Gold In The Shade ladies Arletta Davis and Sonia Johnson. One of the most sought-after cuts of this scene, it encompasses much of what made street soul special - heavy bass, gritty breaks, emotive chords and off-kilter vocals, marrying together to form a snapshot of a raw DIY scene with optimism at its heart.The trio’s first single from 1990, ‘Shining Through’ is a no nonsense, bassbin-rattling love song from the underground, seeing long-term friends Sonia and Arletta pulling on the heartstrings from the mic as Robert works his magic behind the studio controls.Lovingly remastered from the DAT by Cicely Balston, if only ‘Over You’ had been so easy. Two years of endless searching for the tape and subsequently a clean copy of the record, Heels & Souls even went to the lengths of having the multitracks restored so that Robert could attempt to recreate the original mixdown in the studio – but the magic of ‘91, unfortunately, can’t simply be conjured at the drop of a hi-hat.After all but losing hope, Sean P (by way of Backatcha’s Aiden Leacy), came to the rescue with a mint condition copy of the record that he had from running in the same circles as Robert and Duval back in the day, ripping and restoring it with a precision he’s rightly famed for. And so (finally!) here it is: distorted samples, low-fi hits, speaker rumbling bassweight and all. Raw to the core, but that’s the point – pure, unbridled emotion from the depths of North West London.